Brrrrrrr – when did “artic winter” hit?! Anyways – it’s a happy Thursday here at Going Gainesville, a community Facebook page and website built around all the things there are to do in our corner of NoVA. From restaurants to businesses to even yoga studios (more on that soon), we help you find what’s awesome about Gainesville, Haymarket, and the other beautiful surrounding areas.

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Today I’m joined by a familiar face, the beautiful Kristin Ballard from Aktivate Podcast (on which I was featured a few months ago because I’m just that cool – at least, that’s what I like to tell myself.)

Today we’re gettin’ our zen on at Transform Power Yoga, voted “Best Of” in the Piedmont Lifestyle Magazine for 2019.

Erin Sedgley, instructor, and Liba Spyros, owner, sat down with us (yoga style of course… my calves still hurt) to talk about how and why their yoga studio is the best in Gainesville.

“Well, it was a surprise that we won.” Liba didn’t set out to be the best, but she did set out to create an amazing studio for her clients. “But I believe we won because of our instructors.” The instructors go out of their way to provide a safe yet engaging yoga experience every time you walk through their doors.

What type of classes do they offer? Their bread and butter (I love bread – please note) is their heated vinyasa and they also offer “gentle” which is no heat and a softer experience allowing Transform Power and Yoga to really reach a larger audience at all experience levels.

Restorative Yoga has the same effects of taking a nap – allowing the body to restore itself. Yin yoga which is to move fascia and an amazing kid’s program!

Erin, an instructor, actually started as a client! She says “when I love something, I love to share it.” Which is exactly how she fit in so well at Transform. The more she came, the more she realized it wasn’t just the outside of her body she was working on, it was the inside too. Yoga, she says, teaches you that in any situation, there are certain things you can control, and certain things you cannot.

And Transform Power Yoga doesn’t stop at helping people. Their community outreach program is pretty amazing. When a teacher trainee graduates, they can teach a class in the studio and choose a charity that means something for them. All the money raised by that class is donated to the charity of their choice. How awesome!

And we went through a yoga program too! It was awesome. I feel so calm. Thanks again to the instructors there… zen = found.

Want to find out why Transform Power Yoga is the best? Here’s where to find them:
😌 Transform Power Yoga LLC
😌 15111 Washington St Suite 109, Haymarket, VA 20169
😌 (703) 753-2977

And as always, thanks to Joe Brown at Caliber Home Loans for sponsoring this video.