Hey, you wonderful people! Happy week-before-Thanksgiving. Are you ready? Good because I’m not either. Anyways! Super excited about today’s feature.

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I’m Lesley Salman, your host here at Going Gainesville, and owner of the amazing (I’m biased) Salman Home Realty – a local real estate agency that helps buyers and sellings find dream homes and dream prices here in Gainesville. But enough about little ‘ol me.

This week I’m joined by a new co-host, but just as awesome as the others – it’s Tricia Driscoll from KO Integral Marketing.

Where did I drag Tricia? To one of my favorite lunch spots in Gainesville, Manna Sushi!

We sat down with Manna Sushi owner, Kevin Jun, and restaurant manager, Anne Jun, to chat about what makes Manna different.

What’s neat about Manna is that Kevin is Korean, and if you know sushi you know that sushi restaurants are traditionally Japanese. So Manna Sushi is actually a fusion of both Japanese food AND Korean – like bulgogi (I LOVE BULGOGI) and his own rendition of kimchi. It’s basically a mix and match of the best of both culinary cuisines.

Don’t like sushi? Then we can’t be friends. KIDDING! If sushi doesn’t cut it for you or spicy is just too spicy, there are options at Manna! They have a selection of noodle soups and beef options (back to bulgogi – yess) and bimibap that will be awesome options to keep everyone happy and full.

Manna Sushi runs weekly happy hours on Friday from 4:30PM – 6:30PM – which means you get 10% off your order – YOUR ENTIRE ORDER including food! Now that’s my kind of happy hour.

So – I had to do my culinary deed and taste test everything to make sure it was worthy of the Going Gainesville seal of approval (the things I do for you people…), so what did we try?

Bento Box (a go-to lunch option – and one of the best bento box deals)

What did it include? A heaping pile of the following:
🍣 Korean Bulgogi
🍣 Sushi
🍣 Korean Fried Dumplings
🍣 Tempura

We also tried:
🍣 Kimchi (Korean spicy pickles)
🍣 Bibimbap (mixed rice and different meats with egg)

How to eat Bibimbap? It’s kind of a “choose your own adventure” dish where you mix, match, and munch on your own creation.

🍣 We also tried chicken teriyaki served with a cabbage salad
🍣 A stunning selection of beautiful sashimi (almost too pretty to eat – but I managed)
🍣 Fried Eel Roll

I’m a huge fan of sushi, but I’m even more of a fan of fusion sushi and Korean which is what makes Manna Sushi so amazingly delicious. Want to setup a Happy Hour? If you’re a fan of Going Gainesville, we know the answer is YES. Here are the details:

🐠 13930 Estate Manor Dr, Gainesville, VA 20155
🐠 Located in: Shoppes of Glenkirk
🐠 mannasushirestaurant.com
🐠 (703) 753-2453

As always, thanks to Joe at Caliber Home Loans for sponsoring this video!