Hello, beautiful people! What a stunningly beautiful Thursday. Nice to get a respite from this seemingly never-ending rain.

Quick “what is this” intro – I’m Lesley Salman. I run Salman Home Realty, and as I was selling and buying homes in #Gainesville and #Haymarket, I thought “geez, there’s so much to do around here and no single location to find out about it.” Ergo the birth of what you see today – Going Gainesville. Going Gainesville or “GG” as I like to call it is your about town page, website, YouTube channel, and networking event connecting you to businesses that are worth your time.

I love bringing a co-host with me each Thursday to check out a featured spotlight business. This is why Gina, dessert designer, and “best cupcakes” for Best of Prince William 2020, from Gina’s Kitchen (her desserts are to DIE for) has joined me at none other than Carmello’s Restaurant in Historic Manassas, Inc.!

We masked it up with owner, Alice Pires to talk about the unique history surrounding this Manassas staple. Learn how a fire became pivotal in the ongoing success of Carmello’s.

🍷 Carmello’s of Old Town Manassas
🍷 9108 Center St, Manassas, VA 20110
🍷 carmellos.com
🍷 (703) 368-5522

Special thanks to Victoria King, Mortgage Loan Officer with The Fauquier Bank, NMLS #314753, and to Marti with Potomac Title Group Services, and lastly to Dr. Ben Magee with Bull Run Capital Investments, LLC.

Psst – business owners, join us Tuesday for August 25th Growing with Going Gainesville!