Our local business owners are the heart of our community...

It just wouldn’t be the same without our local businesses. And while these companies bring vital new services and products to our neighborhood, our continued support is their lifeblood.

As we slip in to sample the delicacies at a  hot new eatery, or patronize a local repair shop, have you ever stopped to wonder about their story? How did they decide to go into business? Why here? What’s next?

Our business spotlight serves to shine a light on some of our local businesses, their offerings, and how they hope to help our community. Check them out and give them your support!

A Well Traveled Life
Chesha & Rick Manfra, Owners

A Well Traveled Life (AWTL) is a NOVA-based travel agency with agents across the U.S. Owned by husband and wife team Chesha & Rick Manfra, they have 40+ years combined experience in the hospitality industry.

AWTL brings a much-needed service to the travel space, as custom travel advisors focused on providing concierge level service to clients. They specialize in Mexico and the Caribbean, cruises, all things Disney, and worldwide-guided tours.

Before a booking is made, the average traveler spends upwards of 40 planning hours doing research. By building a relationship with each client, AWTL cuts through the time-consuming search to construct unique and authentic to you trips.  No cookie cutter vacations here!  AWTL is built on the premise that travel shouldn’t just be for bucket lists. Exploring new places, customs, and cuisines enriches your life and helps bring the world into perspective.

From being your advisors during the planning process, to being your advocates during travel, the relationship that is built with your personal advisor gives you a peace of mind and trust that you won’t get from an online travel site.  AWTL strives to personally visit every destination they sell, this means you get the benefit of their years of experience and the relationships they’ve built, to ensure you have the exact vacation you expect and you are welcomed with open arms wherever you go.

Luanne Lee
Making College Affordable…One Family at a Time

Now more than ever you need an expert to help guide your college planning and funding during these pandemic times. For the last 15 years I have specialized in helping families prepare for college without jeopardizing their retirement goals or drowning in student loan debt.

Providing a college education is now the 2nd largest financial purchase in our lives.

Without guidance and personalized coaching, the average family will spend $125,000 – $200,000 per child for an undergraduate degree.

What if you could learn how to pay less? My average clients save 25% to a maximum of 57% off the school sticker price! That means financial freedom, family vacations, and retirement can be a reality!

My philosophy is simple: I believe when you are educated in areas you know little about you now have the tools and expertly guided knowledge to make better informed decisions for your family.

Imagine how excited and grateful your son or daughter will be when they realize they can attend their dream school because Mom and Dad planned ahead. You will be their hero! Don’t be one of those parents who tell me “I wish we had met you sooner!”

Cisca Uribe

Degreed Nutritionist. Plexus Ambassador. Gut Health Advocate.

Degreed Nutritionist. Plexus Ambassador. Gut Health Advocate.

Healthy eating, gut health and natural remedies have been an interest of mine for over 25 years. I realized that I wanted to help people improve their health. I began my path in that direction by obtaining a B.S. degree in Food and Nutrition.

For many years I was living a life of pain with debilitating fatigue, attention deficits, and nerve issues; all primarily due to car accidents at ages 5 and 17, and a bad fall at age 34. I got through most of my days with physician prescribed pain and ADD meds, and a lot of coffee and sugar. As I began getting closer to 40, hormonal issues became severe.

I discovered Plexus products 3 years ago- and not to sound cliché but- they changed my life. The issues I was suffering from and the coping mechanisms I employed are now almost nonexistent. Am I completely cured? No. But I’m almost there. My body is finally becoming balanced after many years of issues. It is truly my passion to help others find balance, health, and happiness as well.


Jeremy Sachs

Paycor’s HCM platform modernizes every aspect of people management, from the way organizations recruit, onboard and develop people, to the way they pay them, retain them and build a company culture. With one single source of truth for all employee data, you’ll never have to switch platforms, log-in to multiple systems, re-key information or open numerous spreadsheets. That simplifies your everyday work processes and gives you time back in your day to focus on more important things.

In 1990, founder and CEO Bob Coughlin saw an opportunity to provide a new level of personal, proactive customer service to medium and small-sized organizations in need of HR & Payroll software. Today, we partner with more than 36,000 organizations because we’ve never lost sight of Bob’s original vision.