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14680 Gap Way , Gainesville, VA 20155
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Child Experts agree the most effective way for a child to learn is through play.  Daytime Playtime’s enrichment classes do just this by integrating colors, letters, numbers, shapes, sign language, Spanish, body awareness, music, dance, art and more through engaging activities. Our developmentally based preschool allows children to explore their own individual skills and creativity in a more structured environment. Our classes rotate into three different learning labs: Math & Science – including learning stations & experiments; Art & Language; and Music & Movement. All three learning labs tie into a theme your child will be taught throughout their day.

We are also a bilingual school, incorporating Spanish into all of our classes. Our program combines physical activity, mental stimulation and social interaction in a visually exciting, energetic and unique environment. Daytime Playtime gives your child a cognitive and social jump-start so they are prepared for everything!